Case Study 1




Case Study 2

This social marketing agency understands the right branding strategy is essential to attracting the ideal client. That's where we came in.


REACH is a full-service social marketing agency, specializing in engagement, publicity, growth and trackable sales. They represent brands, services, and manufacturers searching to increase brand awareness, traffic and engagement within the social media world.

When REACH needed a logo, they reached out to us right away. We talked over what they wanted in a logo, bounced ideas back and forth, and finally came to the conclusion of a minimalist, but clear approach to their business name "REACH"  For all their social media platforms, we decided to focus on the "R" to represent their brand in the profile pictures.  Sometimes a simple black and white logo is just what a brand needs to differentiate themselves.

Case Study 3

Brand strategy for a wedding videography company

Pine and Palm Films is a team of videographers and editors in Minneapolis with a passion for weddings and telling your story. The team at Pine and Palm needed a logo, website, and promotional materials to make the business official. They decided Bain Creative Agency was the perfect place to develop their team's branding strategy. Pine and Palm understands the importance of attracting the ideal client. We worked together on the branding strategy for Pine and Palm Films from the beginning. Thanks to open communication from day one, we were able to deliver exactly what they needed.